Do you need maintenance?

Sit down and determine how much help you really need and what you'll expect from a maintenance company. Will they be expected to clean up after work completed as well as repair, replace or fix? Do you want them to supply the appliances, materials and furnishings? What about garden care and pool maintenance if applicable? Do you also want them to be able to service your heating and air conditioning unit or units? What about plumbing and electricity? There are so many areas and services to consider.

Also take into account how many properties you have. Will the maintenance company be efficient and able to supply a service to them all? There are possibly times a basic handyman versus a skilled tradesman will do, but saving you money up front and always go with the skilled tradesman, someone who knows their profession, though handy persons are very useful in some situations.

You've decided who you need, you've created an advertisement or look online, and started receiving calls. Narrow the prospects down to the most promising few and get down to business.

Background check is important, check do they have a website, landline as well as mobile, and very important they have full professional and public liability cover. This is about protecting yourself, your property and your tenants.

I'm not suggesting you break the bank, but as stated above, a skilled maintenance person can be hard to find. Do the math! Not all custodians are truly handymen, as not all handymen are truly skilled tradesmen. The value of a person who can fill the role of various contractors you might have to call out in the event of a catastrophic

incident, such as burst pipes in the middle of winter, has to be worth a little more than the average person who has some skill with a wrench and hammer.

You'll pat yourself on the back when the maintenance is completed, on time, within budget and to your complete satisfaction.

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