Our 5 tips to help you in Property Maintenance

To a great degree, your choice is determined by the quality of the company you can choose from. Where possible, choose a company based on recommendations. There have been endemic problems in the rental agency world for some time, including, for example, the problem of double-charging, in which both landlord and tenant are charged for the same work, or work not completed. Shop around, and trust your instincts.

2. Make checks before tenancies begin

In order to avoid disputes about the state of the property when tenants are moving out, make sure that you thoroughly check it over before a tenancy begins. Often, landlords think that the inventory suffices here, but in fact you need to give the property a proper once over, especially at the end of longer tenancies.

With a bit of effort now, you can avoid drawn out and potentially expensive disagreements at a later date

3. Educate tenants

Before a new tenant arrives, make sure that you provide them with an information pack that sets out the basic things they should do in order to prevent damage to the property. For example, make sure that they know where the stopcock is, and that they know to air the property regularly and ensure that it is kept properly heated in colder months in order to minimise mould. Many tenants, especially those who have recently begun renting, are not aware of the simple things they need to do in order to keep the property running, but you can avoid problems by making sure that you educate them from the outset

4. Early intervention saves money

Don’t ignore problems – they will only get worse. If a tenant reports a fault, or if you notice one during an inspection, make sure that you fix it immediately. A simple problem like a blocked gutter, if left unattended to, can quickly grow into a potentially expensive disaster. Make sure that you pay particular attention to the property during the winter months, as this is the time during which many of the most damaging problems can arise.

5. Find the right contractors

Finally, it’s worth remembering that you probably won’t be able to conduct all the maintenance yourself, especially when it comes to electrical systems and plumbing. This means that you need to find the right contractors. Shop around and, as with agents, try to make a decision based in part on personal recommendation.


And finally if you need any more information you can contact us without any obligation at all, happy hunting.

You should also try to build relationships. You might well be able to get a better deal by sticking with the same contractors over time, especially if you have multiple properties.

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