By the year 2021 the UK rental market will rise to between 20% and 24% of the household living in the UK

Within the next 5 years an estimated 5.79 million households with rent privately, this is up from a recent survey of 5 million.

The beneficiaries from these figures you would expect to be the tradition landlords, but research may well show institutional investment sector, with investment from this sector growing to £70 billion over the next five years. Knight Frank currently believes the institutionally-backed build-to-rent market is worth £25bn.

If these forecasts are correct, then there are clear implications for letting agents and whether they view build-to-rent as a threat or an opportunity or both.

The key concern for tenants when looking for rental property is affordability. Location, the second biggest priority, is seen as a much larger concern than the property itself.

Currently, investment is weighted towards the capital, with 65% of investment in London, compared to 35% in the regions. Furthermore, 15% of all residential units currently under construction in London are build-to-rent, compared with 4% across England and Wales.

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